9 Consequences Of A Big Ego In This Humble World

You allow your ego to take control of your life, as you surrender to it, as a safety mechanism for your insecurity. You may think that you’re not good enough, you don’t measure up, so you create a mask of diversion.

Your ego protects you as you pretend how great you are. You genuinely think you’re simply better than everyone else.

What the ego in humans is in charge of, is mediating immediate impulses and desires. Much like a circus squawker, with responsive action which believes are socially acceptable.

Yet, …

What You Post On Social Media Shows Your Degree Of Narcissism

profile on social mediaSandy has a new boyfriend. She’s overjoyed with excitement that she trapped someone who could tolerate her overbearing ways. She wants to share the news on social media, so her worthiness as a functioning human being would be verified. She wants to post photos, as the comments and likes makes her relevant.

What some wonder is why she would even bother broadcasting her private life on such a public forum. Can’t she just keep it to herself. The reason for her doing so is what’s known as “attachment theory,” where …

How To Deal With Those Entitled Rude Selfish People Among Us

dealing with rude peopleWho do they think they are, those who come across as rude, who’s self esteem has sunk so low, that they’ll just talk loudly on their smartphones forcing everyone to listen, making everyone hear their annoying drama. Do they even know how self-centered they are.

How about someone who uses their tablet during dinner, or takes that phone call. Someone who won’t bother waiting in line and just chooses to jump the queue at the front of the line. How about someone who ignores talking to you, or ignores what …

Look Into The Mirror To See How Your Ego Is Running Your Life

big ego in businessYou allow your ego to run rampant, you surrender to it as a safety mechanism for your insecurity. That you may not be good enough, you don’t measure up, so you create a mask. Your ego projects how great you are, that you’re simply better than everyone else.

The ego is in charge of mediating immediate impulses and desires, much like a squawker, this with responsive actions which it thinks are socially acceptable. Yet, those with excessive runaway egos, won’t back up what they claim, this by rarely taking action.…