You Can Only Tolerate The Annoying Narcissists For So Long

someone who's arrogantNarcissists can become annoying, and bearable just in small doses. What becomes tiring is the combination of their self fed displays of importance and rudeness. This a personality type you want to avoid, and pity those who needs to constantly deal with them.

This trait has graduated itself into becoming a real clinical disorder, an offsetting counter intuitive unwelcome behavior. The narcissists among us, constantly seeks the need of others to validate their self worth. Not just to be liked, but be admired as well.

What they have is this …

There Are No Other Narcissists More Important Than You

signs that you are narcissisticMe, myself and I, is the most important party of 3 that you know and attend. No one else matters. You’re wanting to join Narcissist’s Anonymous, but you’re afraid there’s others in the room who may think they’re more important than you.

To identify the narcissists among us, where to begin may be clarifying what one is. Are you able to sustain yourself in a steady and positive emotional state, and not suddenly get angry, experience bouts of depression, suddenly get anxiety attacks, and other forms of emotional distress.

Someone …