How To Get What You Want In Life Right Now

Every day we wake up, we want something right now. Most are minor in nature such as a hot cup of coffee or to go to the bathroom. We then have bigger demands and life quests, which appears on the horizon or the immediate future. All things we want.

There’s something that’s always pending at this very moment, this very second, so it’s usually urgent.

As our thoughts are taken from our imagination to our consciousness, what’s constantly asked is, “What is it I want?”

Regardless if these thoughts are …

Managing How Fear Is Holding You Back From Taking Action

someone living in fearWhat humans have is a plate full of emotions, all of different colors, sizes, and directions, and fear is just one of them. Any emotion is triggered to get a reaction. Emotions are hardwired into our systems to warn us of danger, to prepare us mentally or physically.

What we live in is a world fueled by fear. The media plays pawn with fear by manipulating anxiety, this to get more ratings, marketers will infuse the fear scarcity to sell more product. Authority stirs fear to generate order, while parents …

Why You Should Stop Thinking You’re A Failure In This Life

feeling like a failureOne of the biggest personal fears, this regardless of how successful one becomes, is they don’t feel adequate, that they feel like a phony. This from all walks of life, from leaders of industry proficient at their jobs, to hard working mothers rearing outstanding children.

They feel like they’re a fraud, not genuine and don’t deserve what they’ve achieved in life. Some refer to this as the Imposter Syndrome, where successful people are unable to accept themselves or their accomplishments, like they’re faking it through life.

They think that deep …

Steps That You Need To Take When You Don’t Succeed In Life

how to succeed in lifeNot succeeding when attempting to do something can be unsettling, a demoralizing experience that no one wants to go through. Although it’s true that you can’t control every event that happens in your life, what you can control is how you react to them.

What not succeeding does is it tricks you into thinking that things aren’t possible. So unless you learn how to respond to not succeeding in adaptive ways, what they’ll tend to do is paralyze you, demotivate and demoralize you, while limiting the likelihood of future success.…