How The New Connected Generation Is Redefining The Workplace

theconnectedgenerationSay hello to the next new generation of workers, these are the individuals who grew up knowing nothing but digital technology. This is the generation which is rapidly transforming how we conduct business, marketing, and the workplaces of the future.

This new generation is extremely connected, they’re redefining what traditional marketing used to be, as we knew it. They’re completely redefining what the cost of customer acquisition is, how consumers are served, and why and how they buy product.

They’re completely altering the workplace and the career landscape. This is …

Why Saving Money Is A Slow Path To Wealth So Take A Risk

why you should risk to get wealthyOnce we get a job and get paid a wage, what most will do is begin saving portions of the money every month. But most experts agree that this may not be the best or the most efficient way of building wealth, and planning for retirement.

Saving money is the natural instinct and what we’re taught to do as a net worth building activity, but doing so doesn’t offer much more than relying on social security for most, as there’s not enough cash that’s saved once we finally reach our …