How To Improve Upon A Better Self Image Of Yourself

Are you consciously attentive within your immediate surroundings, mindful enough of the current moment you’re in. This to know what type of self image you’re portraying to others, and the world around you when in social settings.

This includes how you come across as a person of interest, when at work, with friends or with family or when out shopping at the mall.

The immediate experience of being aware of yourself, and then adjusting your “self-image,” to the environment you’re in.

This need of self evaluation has been with us …

So What Do You Really Know About Your Self Image

a woman who is looking at her self image-in-mirrorSo are you attentive enough to know what kind of Self Image that you consciously portray to others while in social settings with friends or when you’re out shopping at the mall. The very experience of being aware and then attending to your own “self-image” has actually been around ever since we as humans began to speak and effectively communicate back and forth with each other. This occurs when it comes to sharing our personal or mutual experiences.

What’s interesting is that those who may be untrained or are completely …