How Proper Breathing Techniques Can Reactivate Your Energy

how proper breathing impacts your healthWhat we’re constantly doing is looking for ways to reawaken that boundless energy we once had as children, that endless hyper spunk of life. What it comes down to is how we breath, as every single breath that we take purifies, energizes, and revitalizes every cell in our body with energy.

There are clinical studies which support what Eastern based traditions has known for centuries, and that’s every time that we breathe, what we’re doing is granting our body, mind, and soul optimal health and well-being.

The instance that we’re …

How To Relax Your Beating Heart By Going With The Flow

how to get into the flow by listening to Vivaldi for exampleThis slowing down of time is known as the flow state, that state of mind, that mental zone which is naturally experienced where the illusion of time and space appears to come to a standstill, a key when it comes to peak performance.

This equates to the ability of being able to harness the limits of one’s creativity, intelligence, and talents, all this while captivating and remaining in this state of flow under times of stress.

For instance, this flow is needed for those who need to produce or perform …

Instantly Improve Your Energy Level In Just A Few Minutes

how to adopt better breathing techniquesIt’s now a well known fact after extensive studies that the average individual, either in a stagnant state such as watching TV, or while at their work in an office type of setting, will only expend around 20% percent of their total energy that’s available to them.

But for those who routinely over achieve, the superstars among us, they’re thought to expend closer to 50% percent of their total energy capacity. Professional athletes are routinely thought to burn close to 90% percent.

What we prefer to do, as however cliche …