The Two Types Of Narcissist Personality Disorder Among Us

Narcissists exists, they are among us everywhere, you may even know of one specifically. An annoying relative who has thoughts of grandeur, only about themselves. They are the ones who are usually and typically completely self-absorbed in how great they are. They see themselves “head and shoulders” superior from absolutely everyone else.

Many may lack empathy while displaying arrogance protecting their massive yet fragile ego. They show disdain toward others once they’re challenged, interrupted or questioned.

When others don’t bother to treat them as a superior or insults them in …

Definition Of A Narcissist You Know It’s All About You

areyouanarcissistThey are an absolute legend in their own minds, the world revolves and is thus reflected by their image. They’ll corner or even stalk you at a party, they will then replay their grand life story by recounting their saga to you like a broken record. Some narcissists are not very likable and fragrantly egotistical.

The majority are sociopaths who can actually be charming while displaying intelligence as they preach to you about they knowing a little something about everything. They may even at times care about others while showing …