Why You Should Stop Thinking You’re A Failure In This Life

feeling like a failureOne of the biggest personal fears, this regardless of how successful one becomes, is they don’t feel adequate, that they feel like a phony. This from all walks of life, from leaders of industry proficient at their jobs, to hard working mothers rearing outstanding children.

They feel like they’re a fraud, not genuine and don’t deserve what they’ve achieved in life. Some refer to this as the Imposter Syndrome, where successful people are unable to accept themselves or their accomplishments, like they’re faking it through life.

They think that deep …

Are The Steps To True Success Obtainable Or Sustainable

obtaining successIs your success dependent on it being obtainable or sustainable. We can all create moments of success by obtaining the things which causes us to feel better in the short term. True success however, comes from a deep sense of fulfillment that’s sustainable.

The desire to constantly improve one’s life is a fundamental need. The feeling that comes from knowing that everyday, we’re getting better, is part of our nature. Knowing that we’re improving our own environment becomes extremely satisfying.

It’s one of the key ingredients of living a happy …