The Need To Love Yourself Before You Can Love Anyone Else

Having a romantic relationship is the precipice of happiness and a goal for many. But the more you pursue it, the more it appears to become elusive. Before you start, make sure you’re emotionally, mentally, and physically stable first, before finding that new relationship.

Never settle for anything less than things that makes you happy. Life is too short to be committed to feeling miserable, so work and play in a place of contentment.

Never pursue love in the hopes of fulfilling your personal deficit of self-love. It should be …

The Responsibility Of Having Accountability For Our Life

What we eventually end up doing to better our lives, is go on a trek of self improvement. This stipulates development, continuing to get better as a human. What we first need to accept, is we’re ultimately responsible for everything that ever has, and will ever happen to our life.

We need to be fully accountable, as we’re the final result of our current being. From the day we were born to this very moment, we are who we are and have become.

What we live in however is a …

The Obligation To Be Fully Accountable For Your Life

What self improvement dictates is personal development, you the person continuing to get better everyday. What we need to accept first, is we’re responsible for everything that has and will ever happen to our lives. There’s no one else to blame.

The need for us to be accountable to the world, as we’re the end result of our current human being.

From the day we were born to right now, this very moment, we’re surrounded by negativity. Gravity wins as it bombards us constantly from every direction.

It begins with …

How To Live A Positive Life By Expecting Greatness

What most think is it’s impossible to be positive at all times under every life circumstance. This is a fact of life we all need to deal with. What’s also impossible, is we can’t think positive and negative thoughts simultaneously. It’s either or.

Things rarely go as planned. We can however set up warning signals and safety measures, by developing better habits and forcing outcomes.

What we all strive for is to pave roads of enrichment. To hopefully master this thing called life, our life, and all of the furnishings …

How To Keep Your Creative Juices Active By Remaining In The Flow

What everyone’s heard of or experienced is burnout. This once the balance beam that’s in the brain goes off tilt. This for those who needs to be creative, such as writers, as the active juices begin to dry up. So the need is to become clinical, and find out what the root causes of the burnout are.

There are the irregular shortages, the temporary burnout situations that’s caused by distraction, stress, or real life real world issues, such as attempting to work with those demanding yet permanent deadlines. Dealing with …