How Quick Is Your Mental Recovery Rate From Life’s Setbacks

Once you experience a setback, how long does it take for you to recover from that external bashing or behavior which upset you. Minutes, hours, days? Are you still in a funk and not yet over your last argument or spat. You need to place a time clock on this emotional recovery.

The longer it takes for you to mentally recover, the more influence the incident has on you, the less you’re able to perform at your personal best.

The longer it takes, the weaker you become, which impedes your …

Paying The Price Of Freedom When Looking For Hope In The Dark

Totalitarianism is defined as a political system, where the state doesn’t recognize limits to its authority, this while striving to regulate every area of public and private life, whenever feasible. One feature of this control, is that it’s a set of ideas, which gives meaning and direction to society

Totalitarianism has been tried, but essentially fails, because we humans won’t subvert to a singular dictator, that’s imposed by force. The ultimate fate of totalitarian states, illustrates this. Authority, the attempt to dominate humanity, has solved this problem, by creating and …

How To Release That Emotional Clutter Which Occupies Your Mind

rid of emotional baggageWhat we’ve all heard is that life is a journey and not a destination. Yet, what most of us has is a short-term road map, a quick plan to get somewhere fast. We have a limited mental vision of where we want to go. Provided that we have the means to get there, we bury our heads and ignore everything else.

Some have absolutely no idea where they’re going, they don’t appear to care, as their resource bank is empty, and they’re perfectly content with that. All they want is …