What To Do Once You’re Having A Mid-life Crisis

When entering the workforce as young adults fresh out of school, what we’ll do is plow our heads into our chosen career path. We then work as hard as possible chasing that golden goose. Nothing else in life seems to matter. That’s what we’re told to do.

We become obsessed in a culture that’s everything high tech gadgetry, maxed out credit cards, fast cars, mortgaged homes, and trendy jobs.

What all this results in, is this thing called “working for a living.” What then compounds is stress and anxiety, becoming …

The Need To Trust Yourself First Before Trusting Others

Trust is something new born babies instinctively do. They trust the first person they bond with, and it grows from there. Have you ever noticed how vulnerable they are. What they do is trust everything you say or act. They rarely question us, regardless of what we tell them.

They hang on to and believe our every word, and why shouldn’t they. Children haven’t been exposed to mistrust yet, nor would they recognize it at such an early age.

Then they grow older, and come in contact with other children, …

How To Get Over That Sour Miserable Mood You’re In

Becoming moody which turns miserable is now a common malady in our busy hectic life, as everyone at one time or another feels grumpy. What usually happens is the bad mood we’re in, is expressed outwardly to anyone who crosses our path.

There’s no quick fix to moodiness, when it comes to feeling the blues, but there are ways to overcome it faster.

What’s known is that humans are meant to connect, so it’s best to find a social support network.

What this connection does is provides comfort, this once …

Slow Down The Seduction By Spending Time Alone With The Soul

spending time aloneIs it possible to become seduced by society. In fact, the majority of us have a vague sense of being emotionally seduced, no recollection on how it could happen. All we know is that we’re constantly flooded with information, and can’t think for ourselves any longer.

At times, there’s an ominous feeling which prevails and narrows our field of mental and emotional vision, which leaves us with the impression that someone or something controls our master switch, that we no longer control our own destiny.

The path is then darkened …

How Those Who Are Truly Satisfied With Their Lives Succeed

how to lead a satisfied lifeWhat most at any level of life strives for is reaching their peak state of satisfaction, but will usually settle for less. So what needs to be decided is whether you have the drive to become completely satisfied in your own pursuits.

Have you ever felt completely satisfied in your life or work. What most will often do is just settle into their comfort zone, this by adjusting their tolerance for angst or pain. What achieving true satisfaction demands is not completely accepting any situation, but doing what’s required to …