Command Strict Attention By Using A Persuasive Tone Of Voice

becoming a better speakerHow we say the words we do is just as important as the words themselves. Our voice is our most powerful instrument which can motivate the troops, move mountains, or lull them to sleep. There’s a huge difference between presenting words and persuading.

You can say the same thing while meaning several different things, this depending on the tone of voice. You can say a simple “Thank you,” which is laden with sarcasm, surprise, or humor, this by just changing, projecting, the tone and the inflection of your voice.

In …

Immediately Improving Your Communication Skills At Work

howtoimproveyourcommunicationskillsEffective clear crisp communication, getting your message heard loud and clear for the majority is an extremely difficult thing to do. To speak precisely, to use the perfect economy of words to get our point across.

It’s found that the best way to do so is always beginning with intent. This with anything and whatever that you choose to do, which includes our communication skills having a valid reason along with a directed starting point.

While we’re conscious about why we do things, such as needing to brush our teeth …