Why Some People Fail While Others Continue To Be Successful

those who fail in lifeThere are two similar individuals who gets the same education, same training, and they’re both set off in the world to apply what they’ve learned. The first person is extremely efficient, ambitious, dedicated, and willing to do anything they can to become successful.

The other person not so much. Although they’ve both been given the same exact blueprint to earn a living, this one fails. Why is it one becomes successful, while the other one doesn’t. Their trajectory going off in opposite directions. It all comes down to attitude.

We …

Steps To Take When Faced With Life’s Most Daunting Challenges

facing all your challengesWe’re all faced with challenges, roadblocks on a daily basis, this in our immediate lives and more on a macro scale. We constantly face adversity in our lives such as illnesses, injury, grief, divorce, human loss, or venturing haphazardly into an unknown future.

Under usual circumstances when challenged, what we’ll do is turn away from it if possible, this our innate nature rather than facing it head on. We’re masters of avoidance and denial, turning the other cheek, staying away from any immediate or pending danger.

But we should be …