How Successful You Become In Life Depends On Your Habits

Most think habits are bad, such as excess drinking, smoking, or overeating, because they’re detrimental when it comes to health. What the brain does, is records all of your most common traits, and once it finds repetition, it automatically keeps that action as a habit.

Doing so avoids the brain from becoming overworked. Our brains for this reason are tremendously advanced, thus placing us on top of the animal kingdom.

The most powerful computers in the world are replicas, blueprints of how the human brain functions.

Every time we do …

Becoming Successful Takes More Than Effort To Get Results

What’s becoming apparent to succeed, is to work smarter and not harder. There are however plenty of rewards realized when working hard, once we exert sweat equity. These can include learning to listen better, improving our communication skills and attitude, to improve our network and work experience.

What needs to be realized, is it takes more than effort to get the results we’re wanting. The need to go beyond “trying.”

What we’re taught, is hard work is considered a great virtue. Our parents worked hard, preached the value of working …