Why Does Facebook Make Me Look Fat: A Case Of Social Isolation

someone who's completely isolated using FacebookFacebook, why does it make us look so bad. It makes us seem upset and pouty where everyone else appears completely happy. It’s just a site, but how can we allow a bunch of virtual bits and bytes influence and dictate our lives so much.

It’s a chronic human habit that we overestimate others, thinking that they’re better, bigger, smarter, or richer than us. It’s a common human tendency to compare ourselves with others, to see if we measure up. So when others appear happy, we then begin wondering …

Knowing The Social And Psychological Effects Of Facebook

someonewhoisusingFacebookSocial networking sites such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter as a communication method has become extremely popular over the past several years. They were developed as a medium for individuals who wanted to take the Internet back to the masses as a “peer-to-peer” networking tool, rather than it becoming too commercialized.

What individuals wanted was an effective and efficient way of keeping in close touch with their friends and family, while relying on the unbiased opinions of their online “friends” on related like minded topics.

When social media went …