This Is Your Only Life So Why Not Give It Your Best Shot

What it all comes down to, is taking everything you’ve ever learned in your life, and then applying it to every moment moving forward. All of the hits and the misses, the wins and losses. Most however, will learn a lot but will fail to define it, or apply it. So practical execution is necessary.

We live for a limited length of time on this earth, on a continuous journey we direct. It’s our life, our destiny, our rules.

This is how we should be defining our existence. The thought …

How To Get That Swagger That Purpose Back Into Your Step

stutter in stepThere’s so much that you can do in your life right now, so much effort that you can expend, so many times that you can say “I will.” There are limited times that you can do all your favorite things in life, this before they get tiring, until they become mundane and boring.

What we’re all familiar with is the feeling of routine, this because of repetition to the point of it feeling unworthy or even uncomfortable. Then your motivation begins to waver, as you start to lose that spark, …

The Steps To Making Changes And Taking Control Of Success

making change in lifeAs you ready yourself for positive changes ahead, watch how you talk to yourself, listen. There’s to be no more talking down to yourself, such as saying “Well, I blew it again.” Negative self talk is a dead giveaway that you need an attitude shift.

Thoughts and attitudes are where change begins. Don’t take this advice lightly because your thoughts have the power to control your destiny. When you feel or think there’s no hope, you are right. Understand that your thoughts control your emotions.

And that your emotions control …