10 Ways How To Deal With The Injustices Of The World

Injustice is a topic these days. Social injustice, the unfairness of the treatment of others based on their skin color, religion, race, political, or sexual preference stands. The fight against injustice is a bloodied one, blazing, knotted full of lost souls and hopeful hearts.

It stems from the way we treat others who are different from us, such as the way minorities or women are projected and preyed upon. Some argue why fight a fight you can’t win.

How can an individual fight this injustice in the 21st century, fighting …

How To Become As Annoying As Possible To Others

What all relationships deserve is an invisible shield, a certain space so you can function, this to keep your personal integrity. Most have the sensible tact to respect these personal boundaries, without hopefully needing to tell them once they cross the line.

There are some however, who blatantly have no idea where they end and where you begin.

Odds are those who attempts to invade your space, on purpose or not, aren’t actually thinking about you, or how they’re violating your space, and how it affects you.

What they clearly …