Stand Up And Choose To Become A Leader And Live Your Own Life

why you should not be a followerThe majority of people in life choose to just follow and are satisfied with that, they would rather trace the footsteps, the blueprint of others. They’re just content to sit on the fence, the balance beam of life in a debate, just hide in the shadows.

The most successful of people, those who rise above the crowd and become counted, the leaders of the world, industry, or domain, those who have managed to make a stand, has done so by first showing determination to make a difference.

They combine this …

Follow The Same Goal Setting Techniques Used By Athletes

how to effectively set goalsSetting attainable goals is a strategy which is recommended by experts who are in the know. As doing so becomes an effective strategy that can help athletes, students, and business executives to be able to reach their ultimate peak performance.

The process which goes into setting these goals, not only influences their performance, but is also linked to making positive changes in a variety of mind states. This includes improving one’s confidence, stamina, and motivational levels.

Goal setting techniques are usually preached by those in authority, such as teachers and …

Reasons Why The Well Intended New Year’s Resolution Ever Work

why setting new year resolutions never workSo before the strike of midnight, you silently make yourself promises as resolutions to yourself, but you know that they rarely ever work out.

During these hectic times, absolutely everyone, especially the media is rampant with recommendations of New Year resolutions, and how you should be planning them.

They’re all pretty much “cookie cutter” common on how you should be changing your life for the better in the upcoming year. They usually come in the following formats.

There’s always the fluffy inspirational feel better about yourself stuff, when mixed with …

The Path To True Success Begins By Doing Things Differently

someone who is experiencing the fear of failureThere are always certain barriers that are present which creates an uphill struggle in whatever you attempt, which can impede your ascension towards the success that you want or deserve.

Once these roadblocks are known, there are effective ways to overcome them. It begins with knowing what they are, then having the motivation to do something about it.

The biggest question you may have is, why are there are some individuals, perhaps a friend or coworker, who are constantly able to achieve success, to win, while others, perhaps you, under …