The Reality Is Time Is Constantly Active And Ticking Forward

Life is constantly racing forward at all times. We squish our lives thinking we’re running out of time, as we binge watch TV shows, constantly update our social media posts, attempt to finish our never ending things to-do list. Time is just a tiny four letter word, that dominates our lives.

Think how different our lives would be, if we slowed down, and just did the things that really mattered, instead of constantly rushing to get somewhere as quick as possible.

What if more time was gifted to you, what …

Wasting Time Is Considered One Of The Biggest Blunders Of Life

everyone concerned about timeMany think that time is infinite. After all, once we reach 50 years of age, we would of survived 438,290 hours of living. But what you often hear is, “Don’t waste my time!” Many will make it a point to maximize, squeeze economy of their time, so they won’t waste it.

This quest leads them to avoid others who mean nothing to them, the mundane, the boring, who aren’t interesting or can’t help them somehow. They’ll discriminate against certain individuals, coming across as snobs, bordering on smug arrogance.

These are …