Naturally Proven Ways To Instantly Reduce Your Stress Levels

how hugging reduces stressWhat the pounding of chronic stress does is it can shorten lives, wreaks havoc on the body and mind, which results in burnout and an early demise. It’s one of the key hazards of a busy life which can take a toll, for those who are attempting to keep busy in the world.

This burnout process can creep up on you, and will one day show its consequences with poor health. The stress begins to accumulate, which deters you from doing normal everyday things you enjoy doing, such as eating …

Transforming Your Behavior Away From Stress And Anxiety

someone who's stressed outStress is an amazingly and persistent moody beast, even seductive. We get used to feeling uptight and tense. Although positive thinking has its place, but unless it’s backed up by practical wisdom, it tends to get overwhelmed and will then quickly fade away.

That’s when you should pause and step back. People are often so tense with stressful thinking that they can barely breathe. So the first step that we all need to do is just consciously breath more, this by taking brief mental breaks several times a day.

We …

The Common Causes Of Stress And How It Affects You Physically

physical symptoms of stressWhat activates stress is how we react once we feel that we’re losing control of a certain situation in our lives. It’s a natural response for humans, as we’re constantly wanting to control every facet of what we do. We want to direct, to be able to determine our fate.

What unexpected external events does is it threatens that control, then we respond by preparing to fight or flight, whatever or whomever is attempting to steal that control away from us. Stress is the primary driver of the “fight-or-flight” response.…

How The Constant Pressure Of Stress Influences Our Brain

howstressaffectsourbrainThat rapid pounding that you hear in your brain, that constant industrial vise like pressure that you feel is known to damage the function of our brains. It’s found that to maintain a healthy brain structure along with connectivity, the easy cure is to just reduce stress.

Researchers in neuroscience has found that children and young adults who are exposed to chronic stress early in their lives, are prone to more mental health issues such as mood disorders and anxiety later in their lives, which also includes difficulty learning.

It’s …

How Your Personality Type Can Effect Your Stress Levels

yourpersonalitytypeandstresslevelsWe all need moderate levels of stress in our lives, as it acts as a motivator to get things done, right now, pronto. But beyond that, it’s our personality type which dictates how we’re able to cope with stress, along with managing how elevated it gets.

There are some who are able to manage their stress effectively, while others find it crippling to function their lives and workload properly. How we react to this stress is a habit that’s adopted throughout our lives, while some of the traits may be …