Natural Treatments Which Reduces Stress And Anxiety Symptoms

getting enough sleepAnyone who keeps up with the latest health trends will notice that stress related illnesses and issues are constantly on the the rise. A recent survey indicated that there were over 23% percent of respondents, who had various symptoms of clinical anxiety.

It was reported that over 12% percent of the general population will suffer some form of anxiety attack or related disorder, sometime during their working lives. Over 75% percent will visit their doctors for stress related trauma issues, leading to medication.

So how can we as an aging …

How All This Information Overload Blunts Our Decision Making

someone who is experiencing too much informationGo back to the last time that you were required to make a major decision in your life. The one which required you to do diligent research, which compelled you to adsorb as much information as possible to make the best possible informed decision.

Doing so lead you to spend countless hours analyzing every piece of data that you could possibly get your hands on.

You most likely became overwhelmed and even slightly confused with all the info.

The belief being that the more information that we gather and feed …