How To Make New Friends And Be Respected By Everyone

Not minding your own business, is one of the most annoying human conditions. What we have is an insatiable hunger for wanting to know what others are doing or thinking. To delve in their secrets, to extract their deepest most sacred of their feelings.

Instead of improving our own life, we become nosy in the lives of others, which satisfies a deep yearning. Curiosity killed the cat, they say.

What some will do is begin “chatting” it up with compete strangers while waiting at the doctors office, while in the …

9 Ways To Network In Business And Socially Mingle In Public

We humans as a herd are a social bunch. One of the primary reasons on how we as a species, has been able to exist and advance in the civilized world that we live in, is because of our ability to communicate thoughts, which turns into action. So what we’ll conscientiously do is network with others, this on a daily basis, to relay and learn information.

This to network, to mingle, this socially or for business. What networking does is allows us to communicate with others, this socially to make …

Face To Face Networking Is Still Your Best Professional Skill

social networking for businessNetworking has always traditionally been promoted as an essential business tool as well as a personal social skill. There’s really no disputing that professional online social networking and personal face-to-face interaction has now become fundamentally important to be successful.

So what’s provided are tips collected from professional life trainers, promoters, collaborators who are all experts in positive networking practices and skills:

There’s Nothing Wrong With My Networking… Really!
You need to realize that because of the ease of going online, then looking at a computer screen all day, which gives …