How Often You Close Deals Depends On How Well You Negotiate

Two people rarely agree on anything, especially once the stakes are raised, and both have something to lose. Once meeting, what’s attempted is working out a deal, as both stands on guard and tries to maximize to their advantage, while minimizing their losses or costs. So the grounds of a standoff is established.

What each will invariably do, is place a different value on the various elements of the deal, or object of desire that’s in play. An effective negotiation process, isn’t about attempting to strong arm the other, this …

The Art Of Effective Negotiating To Get Whatever You Want

Most dread going head to head with someone, to exchange wits with a foe, who’s usually more experienced to negotiate what they want or think they deserve. This to either save money such as buying a new car, or when attempting to make more money, such as negotiating for a pay raise with a frugal boss.

The process for many is excruciating, as personal boundaries are often exposed or attacked, such as “you don’t deserve a raise because you’re incompetent.” You need to standup and defend for yourself, to the …

The Five Top Rules You Can Use To Negotiate Like A Pro

Like they say, “Anything Can Be Negotiated”, if you are in the proper emotional state of mind, and know the strategies and tactics needed to close the deal. Here are five rules that will help you… Negotiate Like A Pro.

1. Get A Reality Check. What Is It Worth?
Whether it is a car, a raise at work, a house, a pedigreed dog or a collectible on eBay, you need to know what it is worth before you start the negotiation. You also need to set a spending or buying …