Using Proven Effective Strategies To Win This Thing Called Life

Life is full of surprises, it’s a roller coaster of ups and downs, which occasionally hits us broadside out of left field, leaving us devastated. As the saying goes, if anything can go wrong it will. Once things do happen to get out of hand, don’t go as planned, it can throw us off balance, as we begin to doubt our stability.

All we want is things to go well, that things will go in our favor. We want to be “winners” in life, to come out ahead. But life …

Why You Can No Longer Rely On Working Towards A Happy Living

connecting with yourselfThe protocol goes something like this. We go to school, get the best education we can, which translates into getting a higher paying job. We then exert sweat equity after finding this decent paying job, work hard, all this to save for and then enjoy a safe and quiet retirement. But what happens is the majority of us will fail life for a variety of reasons.

Decades ago, working for a living meant working for a company for 50 years. To hold a safe secure job, gain seniority, and then …

Why You Should Stop Thinking You’re A Failure In This Life

feeling like a failureOne of the biggest personal fears, this regardless of how successful one becomes, is they don’t feel adequate, that they feel like a phony. This from all walks of life, from leaders of industry proficient at their jobs, to hard working mothers rearing outstanding children.

They feel like they’re a fraud, not genuine and don’t deserve what they’ve achieved in life. Some refer to this as the Imposter Syndrome, where successful people are unable to accept themselves or their accomplishments, like they’re faking it through life.

They think that deep …

Avoid The Poor Attitude Choices Which Will Set Your Life Back

it is your life so just liveWhat we all want is to live a clear clean crisp life with no regrets. A transparent slate as the decades and the memories pile up as we enter our twilight. What we also don’t want is endlessly waiting until tomorrow, hoping that’s the day things will get better.

The problem is we think that there’s more time than there actually is. Then one day, we’ll wake up realizing we no longer can’t do the things that we’ve wanted to do. We’ll then begin listing the goals that we’ve achieved, …

The New And Improved Steps On Finding Your Life’s Purpose

finding out what your purpose in life isOne’s true purpose carries unique characteristics, the blueprint being a phenomenon which is so individual that you, and only you can carry it out, although there will always be others who can provide input and insight.

But before you outline what your life’s purpose is, realize that there’s no pressure, so it’s important to release any strain which you may be feeling. Connecting with and then living one’s purpose is the journey which usually unfolds in a variety of mysterious ways.

It’s something that can’t or shouldn’t be forced, or …