10 Things To Never Say To Your Boyfriend If He’s The One

The theory is men generally aren’t as emotional as women are, that the macho male can generally absorb more verbal and behavioral abuse than women can. That the dude can deal and rationalize with disappointment better.

Having said that, there’s a line women should never cross, this regardless of how tough or alpha their man appears on the exterior.

He’s still the vulnerable little boy when mistreated, especially if he loves you, particularly if he considers you his life partner.

While insults or rejection from strangers or acquaintances will usually …

How To Keep A Relationship Things To Never Say In A Love Affair

how to keep a relationshipLong term sustainable relationships have a foundation based on love, honesty, and trust. Although honesty is important in any relationship, it can also be painful. There are some things that just can’t be said because of the damage it may cause, forcing your partner to change their opinion of you.

Especially if there’s love, then there are certain truths that can directly alter the relationship, so they should be kept in silence. Most often, you can display your love by just keeping your mouth shut, to avoid the damage.

What …

Telling Your Lady Friend Exactly What She Wants To Hear

ask her to go on vacation togetherThere’s a variety of things that guys will say to their lady friend, which are usually of the boneheaded variety and will quickly get them listed on the “Missing Persons” list.

The key to any successful relationship is saying things which will get the “win” points right from the very beginning.

Although some may use this as a tactic to be a bit deceitful and cunning at times, but hey what the heck, no one has ever said that any long lasting and loving relationship is an easy walk in …