How To Manage Your Finances In Any Economic Condition

What living our life comfortably comes down to, are the choices we make. This includes the type of work we choose, the business we want to build, or the personal lifestyle we want to lead. What’s often overlooked is the connection these choices have with one another.

The fact remains, interdisciplinary thinking goes a long way. This might sound a bit obtuse for some, but know the most important life decisions you make, can be made a lot more easier and accurately, by thinking more basic and within your capabilities.…

Know That Trading The Financial Markets Are Ruled By Emotions

What’s known is that 90% percent of all traders lose money, while 10% percent of them will go bankrupt. These are highly intelligent people, most with post secondary education, as they watch in horror as their trading accounts dissolve, taking one loss after another. So why do these traders fail.

The instrument that’s being traded in the markets, whether it’s stocks, commodities, or currencies, are all neutral and have no emotion. It’s rather the individuals, those who trade these entities, it’s the humans who are behind the trade that dictates …

Does The Economy Make My Wallet Look Fat Based Financial Advice

listening to financial gurusThe majority of us will look at the Financial Markets as a complex set of fluctuating random numbers, much like bingo balls in a hopper. A game of chance which requires slivers of luck for it to go our way.

To most it’s similar to going down to the racetrack and betting on a random horse, but the betting is placed in a cubicle by a person in a business suit.

Most of us will decide that we don’t have the time, experience, or the education to truly understand the …

How The Financial Markets Feed On Your Fear And Greed Ways To Stop The Madness

trying to make the right financial decisionSome love crunching numbers, while others just despise it. One thing that “numbers” do however is that they act as the final indicator when we have to make a decision.

Numbers stand as the final resolution, the final tipping point for the majority of what we do or don’t do. For instance, if something that we want to purchase costs too much, if that final figure is too high, then we don’t buy it.

Calculating numbers become a necessity of life until they begin to fail us. Once that happens, …