How Having A Sense Of Humor Makes You A Human Magnet

It’s known those who have a finely tuned sense of humor, one that’s not canned or rehearsed, is the 3rd most desirable personality trait in men. This based on a survey of what attracts women the most to the opposite sex.

The most attractive feature was a presentable physical appearance, along with being well socialized. The 2nd was an established career, followed by an excellent sense of humor.

Spontaneously laughing out loud, has proven to be beneficial for one’s state of mind and health.

A great sense of humor which …

Glaring Ways How You’re Making A Poor Impression On Others

Coming across and making a good first impression, is key when it comes to our social lives. Imagine that you’re on a date or a job interview, how you come across, the reaction that you make on the other person, either spells failure or success in the interaction. Decides if they like you or not.

To be well-received, what’s needed is to instantly and effectively convey qualities such as being trustworthy, warm, and competent. But at times we’re awkward, aloof, or come across as being too arrogant or shy. So …