Reasons Why We Don’t Belong Together Once The Romance Stalls

saving a failing relationshipWhat some experts have narrowed this down to are reasons why relationships fail or succeed, plummet like a rock or sail off into the sunset. There are certain traits, which details the correlation if a relationship will sink or swim.

What’s been determined by various relationship experts is that there are four distinct traits, certain behaviors which disposes transparency in a potential relationship. Does it have the sustainability to last for eternity. These indicators are: criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

What’s been revealed is that these can be relationship destroying …

You Need To Find And Complete Yourself First Before Love Comes

finding your other halfSmitten is one upon first meeting someone. Graced with the sparks that the feeling is mutual and potentially eternal. But why then is it so difficult to keep these juices flowing long term, when it comes to keeping sustainable everlasting relationships.

Why does that momentum, the once mercurial rise of affection in the relationship slow down, and then comes to a standstill. Is it inevitable that any love affair after a certain period of time, that the initial freshness will turn into doom, devastating boredom.

Or what can be worse …