The Signs And Symptoms That You Need To Quit That Dead End Job

new employment opportunitiesWhat the latest surveys show is that there are more workers who are fed up, this more than ever before in their current jobs. The biggest reason being boredom because of repetition. Others feel that their dream professions has eluded them, creating career disillusion.

The stress that’s created from financial instability, a lack of it, becomes synonymous with their work and life success. Thus poor pay is also a reason when it comes to employee discontent. What this leads to is a poor work attitude and bad motivation.

The lure …

Why Working At A Job You Despise Is Worse Than Unemployment

youth looking for workIt’s found that the majority are stuck in a job that they hate, that they’ll sulk all weekend terrified of the thought of Monday morning. The odds are good that this has happened to you, that you’re feeling miserable at your current job.

This especially if young and just entering the workforce, as most are held hostage to the outer remnants of job selection, the jobs at the bottom of the barrel. But there’s no other choice as you’re forced to take what you can get. Earning money becomes a …

You Should Be Looking For A Better Boss And Not A Better Job

how to interview the interviewerWhile you may be thinking that you’re looking for a better job, instead, what you should be looking for is a better boss. You love your job, your chosen profession, but you can’t agree or get along with your current boss, so rather just search for a better one.

Bosses come in different varieties and they’re not perfect, they all have their own deficiencies. They’re placed in managerial roles for a variety of reasons, at times incorrectly, but the fact remains that what they do directly affects your workplace fate.…