Getting Your Company Plugged Into Online Digital Exposure

providing content for your blogThis technology thing isn’t going away anytime soon, yet there’s still a significant cross section of businesses in all industries who’s not participating. Or there are those who’ll attempt to market their business online, thinking that just having a Facebook Fanpage suffices.

What’s advised by most marketing specialists, this to see any viable results is that a proven strategy of online attack be in place. This begins with providing content that’s completely useful, this preferably on a company blog. Then include SEO and social media.

It’s found that it’s now …

Marketing Your Website As If The Search Engines Didn’t Exist

marketing your site if Search Engines didnt existThe top online marketers have all seen the writing on the wall for a while now, this when it comes to traditional search engine marketing.

Better known as SEO, is about attempting to rank your site to appear at the first position of the organic search engine results page for your chosen targeted keyword.

The keyword framing the essence of your business or niche. The ideal theory is being ranked high for every related keyword which describes your business, along with all the phrases which are related to your blog, …

Why Keyword SEO Should Still Be Your Top Business Priority

doing seo to find the most relevant keywords for your siteAll of the early technology pioneers were right, as ever since the dawn of the Web, the largest sites on the WWW were initially Search Engines, such as AltaVista, Dogpile, Lycos, Excite, etc.

Now, Google, Yahoo, and Bing (Microsoft), the survivors, are among the largest companies in the world. They were on to something, which was try and organize the random muddle of data information which was gathering and scattered across the Internet, better known as the Information Superhighway.

This is when the data was completely random and unorganized, …