Can You Beat The Odds And Become Financially Rich In Life

Why is it the majority of people don’t succeed in life, this when it comes to their financial well-being. After all, we live in one of the wealthiest nations on the planet. With all the resources that’s available and exists, just a handful however will stand up and become wealthy. This in a world of free enterprise.

For those who do become rich, it doesn’t appear that gender, ethnicity, education, or methodology matters that much.

There are many who appears gifted, appears intelligent enough, often with higher education, who miserably …

Reasons Why Some Are Not Able To Get Financially Wealthy

why some never get richOnce we reach the age of majority is when our focus turns to earning a living. Some will shoot for the stars and want to become wealthy, earning beyond their expectations. Becoming “rich,” financial pursuit however, means different things to different people.

So this the great chase, when one wants to become rich, try as they might, will just spin their cranks. Are there personal issues holding them back, do they think the great divine isn’t allowing them to get wealthy. Are they cursed and doomed to a life of …

How To Make Positive Prosperity Consciousness Affirmations

how to affirm wealthWhat the majority of people believe is that wealth takes a lot of blood sweat and struggle, the end result of a lifetime of hard work, careful planning and dedicated saving for a rainy day. But the reality is that this may be a big delusion, a mythical illusion of wealth principles.

What the statistics show is that in most of the working industrialized nations, those spending the bulk of their adult lives working away at a job they don’t like, are barely able to survive once their working days …