Learning To Deal With The Life Circumstances You’re Dealt With

lifelikepokerOne question that’s constantly raised in our society is wealth inequality and wealth acquisition. What arises are it’s roots, the differences, this when it comes to generating and maintaining wealth, along with its unknown elements.

Life is similar to a game of risk, chance, of strategy, such as what the game of poker offers, metaphorically speaking. The gamble that is wealth generation. In poker, you’re dealt random hands which are directed by fate. At times you’re dealt strong hands, increasing the odds of winning that round.

But the majority of …

The Self Sabotage Techniques Used To Not Becoming Successful

choosing success insteadFor some, in their attempts to construct a path to become successful, the biggest cause of their destruction is they becoming their own enemies, as they block their own progress to success, this without even realizing it.

We’re all guilty from time to time of certain behaviors which hinders our progress, our success. So what it requires is self awareness, knowing what we’re doing at all times, right now, this in the attempts to correct the blunders of our destruction which can undermine our success.

What we should never do …