The Difference Between Confidence And Arrogance In Business

someone who's confidentThere’s a fine divide between those who are arrogant and self confident. We live in a world of phony extroverts, a culture of those who’ll fake it until they make it. So it’s our duty to distinguish who’s the real thing, and who’s the fake. To tell those who are truly confident or just plain arrogant.

Those who claim or show they lack confidence will usually spend too much of their energy in the attempts to gain more of it. The majority feel that they have adequate confidence, while others, …

Effective Ways On Making That Initial First Impression Count

how to make a good first impressionSome will tell you that first impressions are often cured by a second look. But what you should do is care, yet it may be surprising how many will discount the importance of giving a good first impression, when initially meeting someone new.

They’ll appear aloof, unaware and uninterested when doing so, not caring how they come across when meeting someone who’s more important than them, as these impressions count. This when it comes to one’s business development or interviewing for a job.

So take it from the experts at …