How To Be More Liked When Others Don’t Like You That Much

howto become more likedThere are some who are universally liked, they have a certain charisma, certain qualities which naturally attracts others to adore them. Then there are others, a certain group of individuals, who are not really liked that much, perhaps someone you know.

This can prove important since it can impact your chances for opportunities or success. There’s a perception that those who are likable are considered more hardworking and trustworthy. Those who aren’t liked, are thought as being arrogant and manipulative.

Not being liked reaches beyond what their physical appearance is, …

Your Life Begins The Instance You Reveal Who You Really Are

being true to yourselfThe moment that you start living your life is when you expose your imperfections. There are plenty of individuals roaming this earth living a shallow life invested in their own self image, who are pretending to be living perfect lives.

What this leads to is others who begin comparing themselves to them, and then judging themselves as not being as perfect by comparison. The fault being we’re unable to admit that we’re not perfect, and fail to realize that it’s our imperfections, our scars, is what makes us unique and …