What The Cooler Temperature Brings Is Start Of The Flu Season

know if you have the fluThe flu is a dreadful ghastly symptom, how three simple letters can cause such angst. The flu is the common name for the influenza virus. What this dreadful illness does is it infects the respiratory track, and is usually spread from person to person via sneezing or coughing.

The flu is and should be taken seriously, this because it’s a major cause of sickness which can result in hospitalization, and at times demise if not treated promptly. The flu is a contagious airborne illness, with a cure being the annual …

Preventative Tips And Effective Remedies To Cure The Flu

symptoms of the fluOne of the worst nightmares for many is catching the flu, and as a result, there are plenty of solutions and remedies depending on who’s consulted for advice. Some believe that the doctor prescribed or the over the counter medications work the best.

Others feel that the various homeopathic remedies are more effective. The best remedy for flu prevention is obviously avoiding it altogether. Some are blessed with superior genetics who never appears to get sick, this even from eating poorly or a lack of exercise.

Many catch the flu …

Natural Remedies To Avoid Colds And The Flu This Season

howtonaturallyavoidcoldsThis approaching that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere where the weather shifts minus and the selection of colds and flu’s become viral. The best known cure for avoiding this is by building up your immunity while avoiding areas where virus’s and bacteria is common.

It’s important to pay close attention to strengthening our immune systems as naturally as possible. It’s been proven that by using certain herbs, supplements, and homeopathic remedies can effectively help in building up resistance, remaining healthy.

If you do happen to catch a bug …

Eating Common Foods To Avoid Flu’s And Boost Your Immune

what are the best foods for avoiding catching a coldWhat takes the biggest hit is your immune system when fighting through the drudgery which is the Winter and cold season.

We’re usually in closed indoor quarters with others, attempting to survive illness, often at times cooped up with dry artificial heat sources, forced to remain stagnant for indefinite periods of time.

This is when the sniffles will invariably begin, the uncontrollable sneezing and coughing fits which will generally plague people.

What you can do however is take a bit of preventative action now, this by eating the right foods …

Reasons Why Some People Never Seem To Catch Colds And Flu’s

someone who always appears to have the flu or coldYou may know someone who’s always chipper while everyone else has the sniffles. It’s tempting to just dismiss it as they having superior immune systems. You may also be one who always catches the latest common cold, or suffers from the occasional pain and body aches, every time there’s a shift in the weather.

But there are those who never “catch” anything, which forces them to go bedridden with ailments such as the flu, or high fever, that sends the majority of us seeking surrender under the covers for …