The Human Immune System And Its Fight Against Illness

The human species has always had the basic instinct to fight, to be dominant, the will to battle for survival. Throughout history the reasons have always been similar. As a result many men has lost blood, by their various attempts to advantage victory.

There’s dispute which always arises based on conflicts of ideologies or varying religious beliefs.

The need to overtake or acquire others’ resources, or to dominate other territories of land have spawned wars throughout the world.

Since the beginning of time, humankind has experienced plenty of respite from …

Common Reasons Why Some People Never Seem To Get Sick

being as healthy as possible

Friends As Well As Family Are A Priority
Studies has shown that those who has bonded strong relationships with their friends and families all tend to have better immune systems and are thus a lot less unlikely to succumb to the Common Cold or even diseases.

Researchers has also discovered that having positive social interactions and attachments can protect you against any memory loss while aging as well as functioning better in related cognitive disorders.

Further studies based on males with labor intensive occupations who were exposed to risks of …

Ways To Avoid Getting Sick How Some Never Seem To Get Ill

Ahhchoo!It’s tempting to just dismiss someone you know to pass it off as genetics or just plain luck. They’re the one’s that just seem to catch a slight sniffle or suffer from the occasional body pains and aches, but they never catch anything major like the flu, major illnesses or high fever, which sends the majority of us under the warm comfy covers and phoning in sick for the day.

Despite decades of scientific advancements and research, doctors still do not know exactly why, so they tell us, definitively how …