Ways On How To Deal With Those Boring People In Your Life

how not to be boringYou know and avoid them like the plague, those boring people in your life. Those who smirk at you, or you may unfortunately be shackled to one by marriage. Boring people are around us everywhere in all shapes and sizes. Heck, you might be boring yourself.

A co-worker will repeat senseless anecdotes on and on, and you can’t shut them up. Your in-laws who enjoys nothing more than constantly repeating their dramatic adventures of life on auto-play, you respond sympathetically, only as a cue for them to ramble on.

What …

The Art Of Avoiding People Who Completely Bore You To Tears

personwhodrainsyourenergyThey’re around everywhere, that person could be someone you know, those are the people who swallow up and evaporate the positive energy out of the room. They do this just to fuel their own relentless hunger of negative behavior. As a result, it leaves us feeling completely exhausted, bored, listless and unhappy.

Regardless of what you call these energy sucking individuals, these are the “woe is me” chronically unhappy negative people of this earth who constantly and purposely wreak havoc on other lives. So what you need to do …