Why We Age When We’re Wanting To Look Forever Young

There are a number of theories why we humans begin to age, some more gracefully than others. What’s not known for certain, are the actual scientific reasons why we grow older, but just assumptions. What we know is our bodies are biologically designated to age, so all we can do is prepare for it.

What’s known for certain, is the cells in the body are programed to divide a certain number of times throughout our lifetime.

Once this division process has reached its maximum number of times, our bodies will …

To Look Forever Young How To Appear Fresher Than You Are

looking younger than you areThis the great battle we all face, and that’s to look younger than our chronological age, this to show up your Facebook profile, to look better than your peers. But what the ravages of time does is it attacks our health, body, and how we look.

The choices that we make on a daily basis does is it influences just about every health issue and disease that’s known, along with those that are yet to be discovered. These choices can also make your energy plummet, making you dark with moodiness. …