How To Become The Most Interesting Person In The Room

an interesting personWhat those who are interesting has is an unique magnetism about them. That sparkle in their eye, and a silver sword as their tongue. What they tell are incredible stories about their unusually daring lives. There are certain elements which makes them captivating, while everyone else remains vanilla bland.

What’s first realized is they’re curious about everything, including you and the world surrounding you.

Those leading an interesting life has an ever persistent flickering need to explore the world, and what this hyper energy does is radiates outward.

While some …

To Become Liked You Need To Tell Great Captivating Stories

tellling great storiesYour lips are moving to non-responsive ears. What many gets enthralled by is listening to a great story. What makes you attractive and sought after, this beyond first impressions, is your ability to learn the art of storytelling.

This could be an evening out with friends or family, entertaining that new ravishing date, chit-chatting with a coworker or your hair dresser. Being able to tell an interesting yarn is an accelerating way to pass the time, while impressing your listener with your astute and engaging method of verbiage.

For most, …

The Plight Of Those Who Are Dull Pleading Help Me I’m Boring

how now to be boringWe’ve all attended parties, events, or conferences where it was completely boring, or stuck with dealing with the deadbeats of life. Once you come across others who are dull, you then try to avoid them at all costs in the future.

Labeling someone as boring, or worse yet, told that we’re boring ourselves, is one of the worst forms of social branding. There’s a huge divide between someone who’s completely mundanely boring, and someone who’s always the life of the party, and how the masses will perceive them differently.

The …