How Having A Great Sense Of Humor Attracts People Towards You

It’s been known, that those who have a finely tuned and spontaneous sense of humor, one that’s not canned or rehearsed, is one of the most desirable personality traits among men. This based on a survey of what attracts women the most. The most attractive trait was physical appearance, not in the GQ handsome sense, but he’s well presented. The other was established financial stability, followed by an excellent sense of humor.

Genuinely laughing out loud, has proven to be beneficial for one’s state of mind and health. A great …

The Key To Be Liked Is Having A Sense Of Humor While Listening

laughing outloudBeing likable can be considered a key predictor when it comes to how successful your life and work will be. From getting invited to hang out with the cool kids, the hip parties, or getting that coveted job promotion. Being likable opens the door for you.

What being likable does is gravitates others towards you, an excellent way of maximizing your exposure to feel welcome, to develop an aura of attractiveness, which increases your likability quotient. What’s possible is you can make yourself more likable.

What you need is a …