How To Get What You Want By Crafting The Art Of Visualization

someoneconjuringupthoughtsVisualization is a form of energy that’s been incorporated frequently in a top athlete’s daily routine for maximizing ability, as well as for business accomplishments. It’s a wide spread practice that’s used among the highest of successful individuals.

Visualization is used either consciously or unconsciously, and has withstood the test of time, as it continues to be resorted by a number of high achievers to forge success. Because it’s so widely used, the conclusion for many is that it must work.

We’ve all used it in one form or another, …

How To Make Life Altering Choices By Using Destiny And Freewill

howtoknowourdestinyWhy do people experience major trauma in their lives, and then feel like they’re wandering off their life path. Once losing a soul mate or a loved one, they then begin to believe that they’re cursed, that bad luck follows them around, not allowing them to go forward because of the hands of fate.

To understand why individuals need to experience such trauma, the big picture, their destiny, Karma, their life purpose needs to be looked at. Know that the biggest secret is that the universe already has a purpose …

How To Start Winning By Becoming Creative And Not Competing

learning how  attraction occursWe are conditioned to live in a world of fierce competition, so we think, and it’s a highly valued trait for achievement, which is usually tied directly to personal growth, and heightening one’s self esteem.

Both women and men will compete on a daily basis for and with each other, developing the false belief that every value, every event is a strict competition, where there are only two outcomes, to either win or to lose.

For most of us, either of these two outcomes also don’t come that easy, as …

Becoming The Chief Directive Of Your Life You Are The Boss

how we can control our own lifeWhen at first glance, it would appear that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and the positive thinking movement has nothing in common. This since those unfortunate with ADD will usually develop negative thinking patterns for any situation.

The reason being that they’ll get easily frustrated by their particular challenges, the frequent feelings of inadequacy and being overwhelmed. These negative feelings then makes it more difficult for them to manage their life effectively moving forward.

The practice of positive thinking allows those with ADD to better focus on their strengths and accomplishments, …