How To Relax Your Beating Heart By Going With The Flow

The sensation of the slowing down of time while the world around us appears to be speeding up, is known as the flow state. This state of mind, is when the illusion of time and space appears to hypnotically come to a standstill. This is the mindset you want to reach when it comes to peak performance.

This equates to the ability of being able to harness the limits of your creativity, intelligence, and talents, all while captivating and remaining in this state of flow under times of stress.

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Becoming So Focused In The Flow Process That Time Stands Still

flow in the workspaceElite athletes call it “in the zone,” this mental state of mind known as peak performance or being in the flow. Others refer to this mindful state as being their sweet spot, where there’s an incredible balance of prolonged energy along with ease of mental awareness.

It’s a specific state of thinking when your best creative work emerges, this without any strain or anxiety. Instead of exerting yourself, making a strong powerful effort to push yourself which feels unnatural, there’s effortless stride where time appears to stand still.

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