Reasons What Can Cause Memory Loss And Forgetfulness

“There’s recently been a lot of information when it comes to memory loss, only if I could remember where I wrote it down,” says the comedian. Does that sound familiar to you? Has forgetting things been happening to you a lot lately?

Losing things, misplacing your keys, going into a room and not remembering why. Should you be getting worried your mind’s beginning to slip.

There’s documented advice, when it comes to start worrying about your memory loss, as it happens to all of us.

Should it be a concern, …

Best Natural Ways Of Delaying The Onset Of Alzheimer’s Disease

meditation to reduce Alzheimer’s Disease.jpegAlzheimer’s disease can hit your life when you least expect it, it’s a devastating illness which affects millions of people worldwide. It’s a form of dementia yet more prevalent, losing one’s cognitive function and ability.

The symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s include drastic mood swings, loss of short term memory, confusion, and difficulty using language. It’s thought that the brain eventually becomes damaged to the point that all bodily functions will eventually become impaired.

Alzheimer’s usually becomes most prevalent for individuals who are 65 and older. Early-onset Alzheimer’s can however affect …

If You’re Forgetting Then It Must Be Alzheimer’s Right?

Alzheimers ConceptYour mind suddenly goes a little blank and blurry, you begin to blink faster, trying to remember that name, or that item, or the reason why you walked into that particular room.

You begin to wonder if that’s a sign of the onset of Alzheimer’s. Well, you’re not alone, the majority of the aging population, and all age groups for that matter, worry that they’re beginning to lose their memory. Certain things that they should be remembering are beginning to escape them.

But fret not, not yet anyways. Some …