How To Set Goals And Successfully Achieve Them

The key to attaining anything in life, is to set goals. You also need to constantly dissect and reflect on the previous goals you’ve set, and look forward to setting new ones in the future. Success in life will turn once your focus is placed on setting goals, and more importantly reaching them.

Once you know what you’re striving for, the end result you want, knowing exactly where you are, what you need is to plot out the course on how to get there.

What these goals are, what you …

How To Run Without Getting Exhausted By Setting Goals

This is about running, but it’s much more than that. Running is putting on a pair of jogging shoes and pounding the pavement. What it does once getting into the “flow,” is it slows down and encapsulates the surroundings and life, in a single trot around the park.

As a new day unfolds, what’s lurking from the past in the remnants of memories, are ghosts of the present, as I waver back and forth, uncertain. I tether between anger and relaxation, stress and anxiety, sad and happiness, and then relief. …