Get Healthy Quick Fifteen Minute Exercises Is All You Need

a 15min cross-training programDid you know that just quick spurts of focused exercise on a daily basis may be all you need to stay healthy and can even extend your life by a few years. This was the result of a significantly large cross study of individuals who underwent years of fitness testing.

Since this study generated lots of attention, reviewed are the details of how the research group came up with their findings, while offering valuable tips on how you can be more physically fit along with incorporating the fitness activity into …

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Valuable Cross Training Tips For Fitness and Fat-loss

The numbers on your scale do not indicate whether you are fit or fat. Far more significant than your total body weight is the composition of your body tissue. If a males fatty tissue is higher than 14% to 15% of his body mass, or if a woman’s is more than 20% to 22%, he or she is considered overweight.

A small amount of fat is needed for padding the internal organs, and as insulation under the skin. Excess fat leads to diseases such as diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, …

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