The Time Value Of Money When Making Financial Decisions

Life is about making timely decisions, this when it comes to your personal life, job, or your business. What’s often ignored is the interplay that exists between these entities, and the fact a bit of interdisciplinary thinking can go a long way.

This however, may sound too obtuse to some.

When making major life decisions, the key becomes thinking a bit radically, while remaining grounded. Business is all about creating value.

Our personal lives this according to economists, is all about maximizing our utility. What utility means in this case, …

Stop Spending So Much Cure Your Chronic Buying Impulses Now

woman  who may be spending too muchSo you’ve finally decided to get your shopping and your poor spending habits under control. You stand up and declare: “I’m a problem chronic impulsive spender and I want to get it under control!” You ultimately decide that the only thing that you would purchase is groceries and necessities and nothing much else.

But then, just three weeks later, you suddenly click on an email link which has an unbelievable six-hour blowout sale, and then impulsively, you purchase a pair of those red designer shoes. This then once again automatically …