Is Cloud Computing Finally Coming To Age For Businesses And Consumers

cloudcomputingexplainedSo if you’ve been following tech issues for a while, then you undoubtedly know all about the Cloud Computing movement. You may even be planing on jumping on board yourself and participating sometime soon.

It’s becoming such a trendy topic that, if you’re not planning on clouding, then your tech life may be considered irrelevant and not really that cool.

You know, that’s because everyone’s getting their heads in the cloud. Cloud computing is that virtual infinite repository of all things digital where data is stored on those humongous secure …

Why Cloud Computing For Businesses May Not Be For Everyone

allaboutcloudcomputingThe idea for any business to turn towards the Internet for the majority of their Web services as a cost saving measure may be enticing. So instead of using their existing in-house servers, companies of all shapes and sizes who are seeking a leaner more cost effective enterprise operation may be looking at Cloud Computing.

But when a company decides to move the majority of their infrastructure as well as all of their delicate private corporate data into a cloud based server, that may not necessarily be the right …