Putting That Huge Ego Aside When Trying To Market Yourself

Your ego can get in the way of marketing yourself, your business, service, or concern. From your need to always be right, to talking about yourself incessantly, coming from an attitude of arrogance, getting attached to the outcomes of everything that others do. These are just some of the ways, that ego can get in the way.

It becomes all about what you want, when it should be about the concerns about your immediate family and friends, your customers or inquiring clients. It becomes imperative, that we’re aware of how …

How To Create Your Own Reality By Losing That Big Ego

101935533Some people just choose not to be happy. If we’re not happy with how our lives are going, then we just tend to attribute our current state to something that’s completely out of our control, like blaming it on a string of bad luck or circumstances.

There are also others who are just not simply blessed by external powers like others seem to be. We then as a result feel bitter, angry, disappointed and then eventually become depressed. It’s always a lot easier and a factor of human nature to …

Why You Should Lose That Annoying Big Ego

angry upset man with big egoThere’s this aspect of human behavior which some may never be able to fully understand, and that’s the natural tendency for anyone treating complete strangers or acquaintances they hardly know, a lot better than their own siblings or loved ones.

It could be a father who may be coaching his sons baseball team. There may be a sudden and uncomfortable public berating in a way which the father would never dare to use on any other player on the team.

Or the unfortunate target could be his obviously gracious and …