Why Do We Go Through Life Thinking That We Don’t Fit In Anywhere

These daunting thoughts strike us usually late at night, in the dark stormy recesses of our unsettled mind. These are the times you may feel perplexed, about this whole thing called life. Where do you fit in exactly, at this moment in time and age. We ponder this in wonderment when we’re alone, where we stare back at the context of everything we’ve accomplished in our lives, and wonder how we’re connected to it all.

These are the common thoughts of many, so don’t feel alone. The sole consolation, being …

Ways To Fit In With Other People In Our Society

The ability to stand up or stand out in a crowd, in some cases becomes important for success, when it comes to a job or making a point. Uniqueness, individuality, being your own person, becomes a quality many strive for in life when wanting to gain popularity or recognition, highlighting personification.

Then there are times when you need to conform, to fit in with everyone else, especially if it becomes beneficial to help you achieve your goals.

You may of been invited by a friend or relative to an unfamiliar …