Google To Offer A Tablet PC To Compete With The iPad

introducing google's new tablet pcGoogle is shortly planning to sell through their online store, their own co-branded version of the Tablet PC. This in the hopes of taking away market share from one of their chief arch rivals and direct competitor, Apple Corp, and their dominant industry standard iPad Tablet.

Some may recall that Google attempted to get into the hardware device market with, to some observers, less than favorable results. To remind those who don’t remember, a few years ago, Google offered the consumer mobile crowd their own version of the smartphone …

Amazon’s Silk Browser For The Kindle Fire Tablet PC Reviewed

amazonsilkbrowserThe recent releases of new tablet PC’s along with their web browsers are pretty much routine and common these days, at times eliciting yawns rather than increasing the pulse rate.

But Amazon and their brand new Amazon Silk browser for the Kindle Fire tablet, which is driven by Google’s Android 2.3 Operating System may perhaps be changing all that.

The basic fundamental idea of this browser which is designed to surf the web employs a “splitting” method for it’s browsing functions, first to act as a mobile device and then …